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Seeing An Act of God made me wish somebody would adapt Книгу Натаниэля for Broadway and make this into a two act play. Not that the play wasn't ninety minutes of fun on its own. Some good laughs, some really good laughs, some preachy moralizing (in a play about god, imagine that!) They pulled their punches in few spots. Gabriel is "the angel who dictated the words of the Quran to Muhammed. That of course was the beginning of Islam, and at the request of the producers, that is the last you’ll be hearing about Islam tonight." And it was. Can't really blame them, though my philosophy is, if you are going to offend, go all out. Thankfully, there are still Jews, Christians and sports fans.

Jim Parsons as a vessel to host God was indeed wonderful. His mannerisms and expressions were spot on. "For lo, I have endowed him with a winning, likable personality; and know of a certainty that your apprehension of My depthless profundities will be aided by his offbeat charm" and "In the desert I appeared as a burning bush. On Broadway, I appear as Sheldon Cooper. Know thy audience." I think it would have been a nice touch if they took it one step further and had Leonard play archangel Michael. The actual guy was sort of blah.

Mac OS X based Universe 2.0, as a replacement for Windows, was a hoot ("we got Steve Jobs few years ago,") but I was very tempted to yell out a suggestion to go open source.

Loved the set. Really loved the special pride Playbill issue.

The play origins go to @TheTweetOfGod by David Javerbaum, the former writer for The Daily Show. Ironically, I don't follow twitter (any twitter), never really watched The Daily Show, and still haven't gotten past the first season of The Big Bang Theory (hoping it will get to Netflix some day.)

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you still have a month to catch it at the theater. And if you can't make it, there is always a book.
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