Dec. 19th, 2013

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Saw Lincoln Theater's production of Macbeth yesterday. It was a grand spectacle. The sets were elegantly spare and moodily dark, with an interpretation of "The Seal of God's Truth" mandala etched into the center of the stage. Few moving components, tables, stairs and the like, were used to sketch the scene, with more of the effect achieved through clever lighting than through an actual decor. Costumes were chic and sleek, Lady Macbeth in a black strapless gown (!), with lots of studded leathers for the war scenes and three-piece long coat suits off the battlefield for the men. Not a kilt in sight. The overall color scheme was very much to my taste, black on black with a rare splash of red and silver.

As a contrast to everybody else's elegant attire the gender-bending Witches and Hecate were somewhat appropriately dressed in tattered rags and sported bizarre makeup and hairdos. And there were a bit too much of them, more than what you would normally expect, if you were just going by Shakespeare's text. They acted out some of the parts, like the sergeant, the porter, the third murderer, etc. They were lurking and cavorting in the background and through the scenes, and generally suggesting a much more active role in the events. Hecate, who normally has just a bit part, was all over the thing, which made her complaint of not being included in the original scheme with Macbeth rather puzzling. And in addition to the three expected witches there were some other witch-like characters crawling around the stage, not serving any artistic purpose that I could discern. Not sure what was up with that. The witches + Hecate + the other creatures were just a tiny bit over the top.

The acting was uneven, Shakespeare sure doesn't come naturally to everybody. Unfortunately it came least naturally to Macbeth himself, played by Ethan Hawke. Hawke can act, and overact in spots, but clearly pronounce his lines, not so much, at least not so that anybody past first row could catch. Malcolm, on the other hand, was loud and clear but couldn't act. I rather liked the neurotic Lady Macbeth, I think Anne-Marie Duff did a decent job of her, and they had good chemistry with Hawke. The rest of the cast were good as well.

It was a contrast to the Globe's faithful production of "Twelfth Night", with their authentic costumes, setting and music, but riveting in its own way. The atmosphere, sets, costumes, great music, strobe lights and projections, were very cool. Director's vision - quite interesting. Acting, not excellent but mostly good. Few suggestions: trim down Weird Sisters, nix the Hecate and teach Ethan Hawke to speak above a whisper and deliver his lines (mumbling "tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" - so not cool). Overall very enjoyable but not of the standing ovations caliber.
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Интересные у меня соседи. Т.е. я с ними, конечно, по НЙ традиции совершенно не знакома и знакомиться не собираюсь, но... Сижу дома, в тишине, тепле и покое и вдруг из наружного коридора начинают доноситься неприятно знакомые звуки. Обычно эти звуки появляются строго посреди ночи или под утро, когда самый сладкий сон, так что я их сразу, не спросонья, даже не узнала, но это пищал, требуя новую батарейку, детектор дыма и газа. У нас их в коридоре два и хотя выступал тот, что от нашей квартиры дальше, слышно его было очень хорошо. Возможно у людей в трех квартирах в непосредственной близости от детектора так громко орут дети и телевизоры, или они от вечных криков детей и телевизоров приобрели иммунитет и железные нервы, но никто из них и ухом не повел и никак на мерзкие звуки не среагировал. Я продержалась минут тридцать, потом достала стремянку из шкафа и батарейку из холодильника, и все поменяла. Но самое интересное, после замены батарейки детектор нужно протестировать, иначе он будет продолжать пищать, так вот, на этот тестовый визг выглянул один(!) сосед и в типической советской манере, вместо того, чтобы предложить помочь (типа, удобно ли вам, девушка, на стремянке под потолком ковыряться), дал мне идиотский совет - батарейку просто вытащить.


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