Dec. 7th, 2013

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Went to see Shakespeare’s Globe productions of Twelfth Night at The Belasco Theatre. We first stopped by Bryant Park to check out this year's Winter Village and then practically swam to the theater in the pouring rain. Got completely drenched. Those who arrived at the theater early got to watch the cast get dressed right on stage, which was totally fascinating. The production in keeping with Shakespeare's times used all-male cast, traditional music and musical instruments and a setting reminiscent of the type of hall the original was first performed at. So we got to watch a couple of male actors get decked out in traditional female garb of that time. That's a lot of layers, let me tell you!

While Stephen Fry as Malvolio was probably the main draw for many in the sold-out audience, the whole production was wonderfully done: setting, costumes, music, acting. Just superb. Sir Toby and Maria were my personal favorites, and I've liked Samuel Barnett (Viola) since his The History Boys days. Twelfth Night is not my favorite of Bard's plays and I am more partial to his tragedies in general, but I do highly recommend it. Similar cast (minus Fry) is doing Richard III at the same time. They are both going to be around until February 16th.


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