Nov. 11th, 2013

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Finished first in the Jack Reacher murder mystery series. Lee Child must have had some childhood trauma related to run-on sentences, either that or a tome of full collected works of Hemingway fell on his head when he was little, because the guy writes in five word sentences. I kid you not! I mean, I get it, the narrator is supposed to be precise, and concise, and very organized but come on, ten words is still plenty laconic and doesn't feel like you should be marching while reading. Aside from the rather spare writing style, I kept three steps ahead of the plot throughout, which is really bad when you are reading a murder mystery and don't have a habit of anticipating the twists. It was completely transparent and I didn't think it was meant to be. Like, it was obvious who the main hidden bad guy was from the moment he showed up on the scene, and the mystery of the "perfect paper" should have taken anybody with half a brain about five seconds to crack, which made all the hoopla around it quite annoying. Also, do you remember ever being able to fly commercial airlines without any ID? I distinctly remember getting asked for one even before 9/11. Or how does one pick up a bank wire transfer without an ID? Jack supposedly carries no papers and yet... Little things like that irked me. Luckily, piles of gruesomely dead bodies made up for some of the other disappointments. If you can deal with the militaristically minimalist writing and some fairly implausible plot twists, and want some no brain pressure quick read, you might consider giving this a try.


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